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Our divorce programs and documents are applicable to all states!
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Transformational Divorce Program

Our step by step program will transform the way you think about, navigate and do divorce. It provides you with the crucial information you need, so you can make decisions you won't regret. It is broken down into doable pieces along with action steps to facilitate your progress. You can take control of every aspect of your divorce right now, and find your way through to emotional and financial freedom. Your divorce can serve as a catalyst to live an amazing life. You don't have to suffer through divorce. Let us show you the way.

What You Will Get:

- A Blueprint through Separation/Divorce that Works
- Should You Leave: Gain clarity and resolve by asking the right questions
- The Emotional Divorce: New paradigm for success (Identify the myths of divorce)
- The Financial Divorce: How to equitably divide property and save thousands
- The Legal Divorce: Learn what your lawyer may not tell you (Divorce law, Attorneys, Alimony)
- Children and Divorce: Parenting plans, Child support, Custody
- Pro se divorce: Have your divorce end at the court house instead of begin there
- Proposals/Separation Agreement: Protecting your future (applicable in all states)
- Coaching/Mediation: Our commitment to help you get to where you want to go

Danielle, New Jersey
"I purchased Lynne’s ultimate divorce package. In doing so, it was as if I had my own therapist, spiritual counselor, financial advisor, mediator and confidante all wrapped into one! The package cost hundreds if not thousands less than the retainer fees of some lawyers! It included 8 personal sessions with Lynne as well as reading materials, and a sample copy of a separation agreement. At the end of the eight weeks, I had a drafted proposal to give to my husband. I have saved thousands of dollars. As a result, it helped to lessen the overall emotional burden of divorce. Lynne, I can't thank you enough! You are a true gem."

Susan, New York
"I want to thank you for your warmth, kindness, knowledge and availability. All are invaluable during this most difficult time."

Carole, Massachusetts
"You have been a big help and support. It is nice knowing that you are out there. A real counter-weight to the crazy legal system."

Janet, Massachusetts
"During this difficult time, I want to thank you for listening to our needs, and suggesting alternatives that worked for the both of us. You provided essential information that we would not have known otherwise. I especially appreciated your kind support during our difficult divorce. Our divorce is complete, and has cost us far less than we ever expected."

Donna, Massachusetts
"It was a pleasure working with you. You shoot from the hip, made things clear and gave us the necessary information we needed in order to make informed decisions. You also helped to take the fear out of the process, because we knew what to expect. You helped us to divorce amicably and fairly. As a result, we are still friends. Thank you."

Charles, Connecticut
"I went to a lawyer first. I came back and saved thousands. It was the only way to go. Thank you."

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